The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Super Easy!


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GTIN: 9780062962768

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Author: Ree Drummond

Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks

ISBN: 9780062962768

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks ― Super Easy! by Ree Drummond, will help you fall in love with cooking again with classic family-friendly recipes made quick and easy.

Ree Drummond has built a successful family-friendly cooking and lifestyle brand that includes a popular Food Network show, an eponymous magazine, a top-selling line of food and home goods, restaurants and shops in her bustling small town, not to mention her blog, which is still going strong after 14 years. Ree Drummond continues to be completely in tune with what modern families want to eat, and comfort, speed, and ease are on the menu!

Readers will find all they need in The Pioneer Woman Cooks ― Super Easy! which includes recipes for anything from fast skillet dishes to Tex Mex feasts that can be made in a matter of minutes. This book will amuse and feed the entire family, from game-changing breakfasts to go-to dinners (not to mention easy snacks and doable desserts that bring the family together—without having to spend hours in the kitchen). It is full of humorous anecdotes, delightful asides, and notes from Ree’s family about their favorite dishes. It’s just what the home cook ordered!

You’ll fall in love with this new crop of Ree’s recipes, including Butter Pecan French Toast Skillet, Buffalo Chicken “Tot”chos, White Lasagna Soup, Broccoli-Cheddar Stromboli (so great for kiddos!), and an entire section of Pastas and Grains, where you’ll find recipes for everything from One Pot Pasta to a colorful and fresh Hawaiian Shrimp Bowl. There are also easy skillet recipes, such as Pepperoni Fried Rice, Quick Chicken-Fried Steak, and ultra-tasty Chicken Curry in a Hurry. As well as assemble-in-the-baking-dish casseroles, throw-together sheet pan suppers, and delightful desserts such as Mug Cakes, Quick Coconut Cream Pie, and S’mores Brownie Bars that you’ll dream about!

There’s something for everyone in this cookbook, and not a single recipe, ingredient, or step is complicated or difficult. Now that’s the kind of cooking we can all get behind! 

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  1. Shaikh1

    I bought this and found valuable. It has many recipes. I strongly recommend to buy

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